i want to cuddle but i hate physical contact fml


You're hella cute



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#for a split second there ned was like holy shit is he giving it to me

this tag literally makes me laugh every time

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"Could have been animal blood."


wanna come over and watch me blog

alternative spin-off idea : “supergay: the adventures of dean and cas on their honeymoon”

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And do you like girls or boys? I think that you are very brave! :)

I’m into boys and girls, but not sexually into girls. I mean cuddling and making out YES OH GOD YES but not the sex idk is that weird? D:

And: thank you so much, that means a lot to me c:

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I have a question, how did you know that you that you're ftm? I have been struggling with.. my personality I guess, could you give me some advice? [I'm sorry I don't really know how to ask this question properly!] :S

To be quite honest, anon, I don’t know. I’m not one of those kids who already acted boy-ish when they were children, I was actually quite girly and I have no idea how or when it happened, it was quite sudden but I just didn’t identify with girl things anymore. I spent 20 hours of the day thinking about being a boy and it’s been like that for almost 5 years now and it’s getting worse and worse. I get really sad and offended at just being called a girl at school (i’m not out you know) and I don’t go outside much anymore because I am really ashamed of my body and appearence. So that’s kind of how I found out…I am really scared of the changes though. I just hope I will be happy one day. I can’t really tell you how you can be sure what your identity is, I guess it just happens and then you’ll know? I wish I had a better answer… :/

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the fact that Sam is already holding Cas up perfectly fine on his own but Dean still flails and runs over like a worried boyfriend

Dean your homo is showing


My friend and I went ice skating last night and there was this cute guy there who kept flirting with us. He was really nice and fun and he got my friends number when we left (I dont have a phone right now so). When we went back to my house he texted her asking is she would come back sometime and he liked her. She didn't like him but she led him on anyway. Now she wants me to go with her anytime they are gonna hang out. And i actually kinda like him and its just hard to always be ignored.

Oh no hon I am so sorry, being ignored is really just the worst. But if she takes you with when they are going to meet maybe he will get to know each other better and maybe he’ll pay more attention to you, or, of course he turns out to be a douce bag and you can be glad he wasn’t that much into you. Idk, this is probably not very cheery but just keep that in mind. Maybe he isn’t even that great when you get to know him :) 

tell me about your crushes/or days/or anything really i love you all

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If Stiles could turn into any were-animal of any sort, what would he turn into?


My crush is you :D
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the fact that 66 + 44 doesn’t add up to 100 really pisses me off


My crush is a half asian half european little fellow who likes to make people laugh and is reaaally really kind and nice like he donated blood once, that kind of nice.. As an half asian he isn't that tall but still taller than me. He has dark brown hair and eyes. My father once said that he thinks he is kinda crazy what is true sometimes cause he often acts super silly (to make people laugh) But you can also have deep and serious conversations w/ him. He appreciates life a lot what is inspiring.

Oh that description sounds so sweet and inspiring. He sounds like a really nice and cute guy! c:

tell me about your crushes/or days/or anything i love you all

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