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•GoT s4
•Hannibal s2
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Sidebar Art here Icon by burymyregret @ LJ


none of the fanvids i start turn out the way i want them to be and i wanna scream fuck this shit i quit


… I drew lovely little cockatiels doing cockatiel things (:

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What is  l o v e ?

coffeeisoxygen replied to your post: oh my the sims 4 look cool but they le…

Wait, there’s a Sims FOUR coming??? Shit, I haven’t even tried out Sims 3 yet xD

Yes! The release is in 2 days! I also judged a bit too early, the features exsist, just in different places, which still sucks a bit but at least they are there! I haven’t played Sims 3 either, but I think I really want Sims 4 :D

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oh my the sims 4 look cool but they left out a lot of features that BELONG to the sims :/

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ten years later clem’s eating breakfast and suddenly looks off into the distance and squints

"they were talking about sex."


my merman!dean video might be happening. not sure yet but mayyyybe

okay it’s definitely happening 

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ich hab noch nie beim livestream gewinnspiel mitgemacht. das muss ich mal ändern D:

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Blue Jeans

More Teen Wolf art by xKxDx

Stickers, magnets and prints on Etsy.

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Erik | Sommer 2014

Very angry tied up Dean

misha collins: *does something*
me: no fuck you, go away *gross sobbing*
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